About Us

Hello and a big welcome to our family blog. I’m Stephanie, and I love to blog about life, travels, and our experiences along the way. I’m originally from Virginia, and my husband Claudio is from Switzerland. We recently moved back to the States after being 5 years in the land of cheese and fine chocolate.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Maria Hippchen

    Happy Birthday Steph!
    We hope you are having a great birthday. We are sending you all of our love, hugs and best wishes.
    We love and miss you!
    Maria, Peter, Mary, Julia, Michael and Nicholas
    p.s. We love your blog!

  2. Tracy

    Love your pictures and blogging. I just saw these and had to laugh hard about you putting antlers on your son!! Hope you and your boys are doing well in Switzerland!!!!!!!! Gotta ask are you routing for the Switz. or Americans in the Olympics? Love ya! XOXO

  3. Linda

    Hi Steph, Love your blog! It keeps your aunt & uncle informed 🙂 and lets us keep up with Alex’s growth. Love you much & miss you, Linda & Bunky

  4. Kim

    Love the invitation to stay in touch and here about your travels. Keep reminding us to check in. It is a good little nudge to remind us to keep in touch.

  5. Patty McHugh

    Love your pictures and updates with the many details of your adventures, events, parties, etc.!! Thanks for taking the time to share all of this with each of us! It is greatly appreciated! We love each of you, more than words can say!! Can’t wait to see you, soon!!

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