Shiny Blue Bike

I’ve been dusting off old websites lately, and came across my Photobucket account, where the last pictures posted were of items we were selling right before we left Zurich. The very last picture uploaded was of a gorgeous ice blue Palermo bike that my in-laws let me use for the years we were in Switzerland.

This beautiful bike brought me so much happiness. It took me every day to German class, the lake of Zurich, bike tours with Alex, various parks, and grocery store trips with groceries filled to the brim on the back. I can still hear the people of Zurich yelling “Schoene Velo” (nice bike) as I rode past them, usually at lightning fast speed as more often than not, I was running late to get somewhere. As silly as it may sound, I loved that bike with my whole heart. Then before we left Switzerland, I sold it for my in-laws, upon their request. I still remember the day like it was yesterday when a woman came by for a “test drive” and I showed her the bells and whistles, such as the automatic headlight on the front… I instantly fell in love with the bike all over again, and almost wanted to call off selling it, except for the joy I saw on her face as she rode around our block… I can’t say a tear wasn’t shed as she neatly placed it in her minivan, carefully closed the back hatch, and went on her way, but I am content to imagine that she’s riding around Zurich with that gorgeous bike right now.


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