Back in business!

After nearly 2 full years of taking a break from blogging, I’m back, and ready to pick up where we’ve left off!

Lets rewind back to the Spring of 2014, when we were in Singapore for a month-long business trip (for Claudio) and leisure trip (for Alex & I 😉 ). A few days into our trip Claudio received a call regarding an opportunity he pursued in New York City. We were only given a couple of days to make a decision, but felt like this was a now or never type scenario, so we decided to take the plunge and transition to life back in the States. Excited, worried, anxious, surprised – that was the mixed bag of emotions we felt at the time.

We spent the next few months sorting our almost 5 years of life in Zurich. And to top that off, we had been planning a church wedding for almost a year that would take place that early Autumn, so that created more craziness to the endeavor. After what seemed like an endless amount of time spent on clearing out, we packed up our life into 8 over-sized suitcases, boarded a United flight to JFK airport, and arrived shortly after in a place that felt like another planet on September 5, 2014.

We spent the following two weeks scoping out a place to make our new home, emptied our bank accounts for a security deposit for the apartment lease, and drove down to Virginia Beach to get married on September 19, 2014 (for the second time!). It was amazing, and incredibly special after such a hectic time to be surrounded by the people we love from both the U.S. and Switzerland, in one of the most beautiful places! Afterwards we enjoyed a few weeks travelling with Claudio’s family and mutual friends from Switzerland before heading back up North to Jersey City, to start adjusting to our new home.

It took about 6 months to finally unpack all of our suitcases, assemble furniture, and come to terms with Jersey City. I wish I could say that we were kidding, but we actually slept on a mattress without the frame for the first 4 months while we weren’t certain if we were staying or going. We spent 8 sunny weekends at the DMV sorting our driver’s licenses, and it took a few months to register Alex for pre-kindergarten. However, this past May I landed a job in Manhattan, a short 6 blocks from lucky Claudio, and enrolled Alex in a summer program at one of our local private schools. From that point things started to look up, and I felt like I was starting to see light at the end the tunnel.

Fast forward now to today (are you still with me?) and we have already moved again to a new apartment within Jersey City. Yes, we are insane!.. But we have also enjoyed several visits from family and friends, beach and city trips, and holidays here in the States. Despite the ruts along the way, those have been the biggest perks of being back. We miss our Swiss family so dearly, our expat friends from all over the world, and as much as we yearn for Swiss efficiency, the glistening lake of Zurich, modern trains and trams that are on time (just to list a few things!)…. we’re now experiencing NYC and have decided to be content with that. We’ve made new friends, kept the “old”, and although we left a huge chunk of our hearts across the Atlantic, we are taking with us the experience and sense of adventure that comes with living in a new area, no matter how long the stay may be.

Thank YOU for reading and sticking around after all of this time. There will be much more to come!


3 thoughts on “Back in business!

  1. Joan and Kathy

    Thanks for starting this up again. Interesting that you both felt like you had landed on another planet. Makes sense after 5 years learning about and living Zurich. Huge difference in so many ways.

  2. Joan and Kathy

    Stephanie, how I loved your synopsis of those months! The transition from the culture of Zurich to the culture of New York gives you material for a long novel. Keep up the conversation; it is so interesting! Love, Joan

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