Future Hockey Player?

Claudio has been playing hockey quite a bit lately with his recreational team and Alex has been so curious about what’s lurking around in his huge sports bag that gets dragged out each weekend. Claudio let him discover what was inside just the other day and quickly found out that he wanted to try everything on. Claudio put a few pieces on Alex and he was so happy. The hockey stick alone was about twice his height, and he beamed with pride to be just like his Papa. Now every time we walk by a sports store he says, “Mommy, I buy hockey stick now.” (Usually he’s pointing at a pair of skis in the window and insists they’re really hockey sticks.. Yes! Try explaining that to an adamant 3-year-old)! 😉



3 thoughts on “Future Hockey Player?

  1. Patty McHugh

    Looks like Alex is ready to play! I love the way he looks up to his Papa! Claudio is a wonderful father, as you are a wonderful mother!
    Love you, and your love for one another!!
    Love always,
    Mom and Dad

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