10 Crayons, 2 Rocks, & a Spoon

A thought for the day: What can these 3 unlike objects have to do with one another? Answer will be found in the story below. 🙂


“Mommy, Mommy!” cried Alex from the living room as I was beginning to prepare lunch. How convenient of timing I thought as I walked briskly to see what was going on. “Mommy, this doesn’t work”, he told me while pointing to his Fisher Price cash register. I looked at where the coins were supposed to go down to see that there was a shiny silver object blocking them from reaching the drawer, which from a closer look resembled a child’s spoon. Hmmm.. not a mind-boggling question how that could have happened. I managed to get the spoon out with a pair of pliers and heard a few other items clattering around in the bottom of the cash register as I was doing so. After taking out the bottom screws to complete the analysis, out rolled 10 crayons; nearly one of each color happened to be conveniently resting in there. Next came out two larger objects, the rocks. For Alex, it was like Christmas day to see all of these surprises come out from his cash register.


After having a talk about what goes in a cash register (the coins that the toy came with), and what doesn’t (everything else). He was happy to have it back in working condition. So yes, the connection between these 3 unlike objects – crayons, rocks, and a spoon – are that they all can be jammed down a cash register by little mischievous hands.


Never a dull moment with this boy!


One thought on “10 Crayons, 2 Rocks, & a Spoon

  1. Patty McHugh

    Always up to something, isn’t he? Glad you could get it apart with all of those items in there!! Can’t get mad at a cutie like that!
    Love you,
    Mom and Dad

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