Third Birthday

Alex woke up on his birthday (Oct. 28th) to a winter wonderland outside. Every child’s dream on their birthday (I guess even more so when it falls on a school day)! 😉


He had his favorites for breakfast – bread with butter and jelly, yogurt, and orange juice.


After eating, we were off to mass, followed by a visit to Alex’s great grandmother, where we had lunch and celebrated with grandma, grandpa and Aunt Martina.





Enjoying a game of rolling the new toys from Aunt Martina across the table. I think the entire restaurant was looking forward to us leaving! haha!


To finish the evening off, we had dinner and Claudio made a marble cake for Alex. Something that I think is so sweet is how Claudio faithfully makes a cake for his birthday every year without being asked.

Here we were singing to him (I apologize in advance for my horrendous singing!) :

*I had to laugh at the part where Claudio compares Alex blowing out the candles to a “little lake sea breeze”. 🙂

Opening a few presents from Mommy & Pappy


Candyland – One of my very favorite games as a child!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Alex!



5 thoughts on “Third Birthday

  1. Patty McHugh

    Looks like a great birthday celebration! Alex looks so happy, as usual! Like the others said…”Adorable shirt!”
    Sorry I am just now seeing this post! I guess I was in Md most of Nov. Then, it seemed like I only had a chance to get on facebook, in Dec.
    Love you,

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