Dear Alex,

On Sunday you turned 3! I just cannot believe how fast you’re growing up. We’re so proud of all of your accomplishments from riding your bike to speaking in full sentences in both English and German. You amaze us every day and you have the strongest determination I’ve ever seen. Below is a list of what you’re like right at this very moment in time.


At three years old:

You are such a people person! You love striking up conversations with random people (which is just the opposite of me). Your top two questions are: (1) whether the person is going home, and (2) if they have a bike. You crack me up! Just this past week you plopped right down in a seat next to an older lady on the bus and asked her if she was going home. You then followed up with telling her she needed to go to sleep. She was a bit surprised at what said (as was I!), but thought you were funny!

You love to build! You make some of the most creative things and ever so quickly. I love walking in the living room to find you building one of your masterpieces out of legos or mega blocks. You usually have some type of explanation about it. In the picture below you even included a piece that fell off of the rolly office chair (haha!).


You love to eat! From fruits and grains to even salad, you almost never stop eating. Each meal is basically the continuation from the previous one. I like that you’re even more willing to try a few new foods now.


You are very independent. You can more or less dress yourself completely now. You just need a bit of help getting your shirt over your head, but you’re able to put on everything else by yourself, including zipping your jacket and adjusting the velcro straps on your shoes. This is a big help for mommy! You also enjoy opening the door to our apartment. When I hand you my set of keys, you are able to pick the correct key and turn it in the right direction to unlock the door.

You are so incredibly stubborn STILL. When you have your mind set on something, you simply cannot and will not change it for anything. For example, wanting to wear shoes without socks, or having a treat before dinner. It takes a lot of coercion to have you see something from another perspective.

You love other children. Yes, you sometimes pick a few fights (particularly around nap time), but generally you love to be around other children. You are constantly talking/asking about one friend or another.. from Serafina to Jessica (from daycare) to Big Alex and your love, Katie (Big Alex’s mommy).


You go to daycare 2 days of the week now from 11 am – 5:45 pm. You have such a great time there! Each day you come home with an exciting story. Two weeks ago the caregivers painted a pirate’s patch over your eye and you were so proud of it. You put up quite a fight just to let me wash it off that evening! A true pirate at heart.


Oh Alex, I think the age of three is going to be a lot of fun with you. I’m so thankful for you. You bring so much joy to our lives!



4 thoughts on “THREE

  1. Joan Lee

    very good. great that he’s talking now. He looks really cute too. Funny he seems to think people should go home and sleep or ride a bike. Not bad. Love you all. J&K

  2. Patty McHugh

    Thank you, Steph, for taking the time to share these wonderful reflections, and captures of your darling 3 year old, in action! Alex has always been a people person! He is SO MUCH LIKE HIS FATHER, IT IS INCREDIBLE! I can still remember that time in Va beach, when that older lady was wondering if Claudio was going to share the dressing room, together….or, something to that effect! The two of us just stood in AMAZEMENT, regarding the conversations Claudio would become a part of….I can DEFINITELY SEE ALEX FOLLOWING IN THE SAME FOOTSTEPS!!
    It must be something, to see the two of them in action, together! Even though, some of Alex’s characteristics are DEFINITELY YOU, ALSO!!
    You must be anxious, each day, to see what adventure lies ahead for that day!

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