Update on the Bike Riding

I’m so excited and surprised that Alex has really got the hang of riding his bike.

The third time was apparently the charm as this is how it went…

He was so determined to get his footing just right and then he simply took off!

As long as he’s on flat ground, he’s fine. The second he has to use a bit more muscle to go up a bit of a hill slight incline, he says “Mommy, this doesn’t work” (referring to the bike not working). haha!


2 thoughts on “Update on the Bike Riding

  1. Patty McHugh

    WOW, it didn’t take him long, at all, to learn how to ride that bike!! It isn’t even his birthday, yet!! He is doing a FANTASTIC JOB!! WAY TO GO, ALEX!!
    I am certain that he will want to ride it all the time, so he can go where ever he wants to….ha ha!
    Have him do the same for you and Claudio, also!!
    M & D

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