From Mullet to Cool Dude

Alex desperately needed a hair cut for a good month as his mullet was getting a bit out of control. I thought it was cute and had a hard time parting with his blonde summery hair, but finally decided to bring him when he started getting tangles in those long locks.


We went to our favorite hair cuttery, Tablo where the hair dressers are very interactive with kids, which seems to relax their nerves. This time Alex sat by himself in the chair, so I was able to take pictures.

Random side note: In this picture, I think he looks identical to my sister’s son, Stevie.


Here’s a picture of Stevie for comparison (granted this picture was taken 3 years ago). 🙂


Similar to the first time we brought him, Alex’s favorite part was putting on the superhero cape. He was a bit skeptical at this point, but overall was fine.


Putting on the finishing touches


The hair dresser took a glob of gel and spiked Alex’s hair to make him a real “cool dude.” Within seconds of heading back out the door, Alex had to put on his sunglasses and a tough face to complete the look.



3 thoughts on “From Mullet to Cool Dude

  1. Patty McHugh

    This was a great display of Alex’s character! Boy, are you right, regarding the resemblance to Stevie’s appearance! They are both such sweet boys! Love the facial expressions!! Love the “cool dude” pic, at the end of this story!!
    Thanks for sharing this with each of us, Steph!
    Love to the three of you, and Claudio’s family, too!!
    Love always,
    Mom, Dad and Pedro

    1. Aw! Thank you! I think as Alex gets older, I see more and more of Stevie in his face. 🙂 I hope he starts getting Stevie’s calm temperament though, because right now he’s quite a handful!

      Love you!

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