An early birthday present

For Alex’s birthday, we bought him a bike. I ordered it online and of course it had to come in about 28 various pieces. I should have known it was trouble when it arrived in two flat boxes. I got annoyed with the instructions after the very vague steps they were detailing, so I ended up tossing them and leaving it to my own judgement to assemble (note to self: bad idea!). Only at the end did I find that a few bolts were left over. Whoops! Claudio re-assembled the bike a few weekends later and Alex couldn’t wait to ride it. I wanted him to wait for his birthday, but I figured it would be okay to give it a test run before the weather gets colder. For those reading this in Switzerland, you might be surprised to see summery outfits, but these pictures were taken in September (so rest assured we’re not totally crazy, only partially). šŸ™‚


Elbow pads on… Check! One wrist pad on… Check!


Everyone staring at child on bike… Check!




After realizing how much strength it took to make a full rotation with the pedals, Alex resorted to guiding the bike down the pathway with his hands.


This is hard work! I wish that tree would stop smiling at me!


I think it will take a bit more time, practice and patience (if that’s even possible?), but at least he’s starting to get a hang of it. šŸ˜‰



One thought on “An early birthday present

  1. Patty McHugh

    Great display of the step-by-step advances with learning to ride a bike! What a fantastic birthday present! Alex will really enjoy that bike for a long time! Glad to see the helmet fitting him so securely! Love the pic near the end, with the tree in the background…very unique, along with the expression on Alex’s face….what a cutie pie!! šŸ™‚
    p.s.- Thank you, Claudio, for assisting with making sure all of the nuts and bolts were attached to the bike! Great job, Steph, for attempting to put the bike together! The instructions are never easy to follow! Plus, like you said…there are so many parts!

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