Concert in Arbon


For Claudio’s birthday, I gave him tickets to a Summer Days festival in Arbon, Switzerland on Aug. 25 (two days after we returned from Mallorca). He had been talking about going to a concert together for a while, so I thought it would be a fun present. Claudio’s parents were so sweet to watch Alex while we went. The weather forecast was showing a good chance of rain, but we were still hopeful, up until dark heavy clouds formed above us. 😉




We listened to a few Swiss bands, including Plüsch, Lovebugs & Patent Oschner. I was then eagerly anticipating the Scottish singer Amy Macdonald at 9 PM. By that time it had already rained for a few hours straight. Tarps were put down to protect the grass underneath, but it didn’t stop mud from developing. Luckily, we were all decked out in rain gear, from rain boots to rain jackets and ponchos over top of everything. haha!


The storm brewing..

Many people were enjoying the concert from their boats

The highlight of the evening, the lovely Amy Macdonald

The following day we went to a little neighboring town to Arbon called Romanshorn, which is also right along the Bodensee (Lake Constance). A race was taking place, so we stopped to watch and took a walk by the lake.


Oh the irony at how beautiful of a day it was, just the day after the concert!




4 thoughts on “Concert in Arbon

    1. Stephanie

      It’s funny, every single time we go somewhere without Alex, it ends up raining! Our trip to Paris, the concert, date nights – it always ends up raining!

  1. Patty McHugh

    Looked like this was a fun event for the two of you! Glad you were able to enjoy a little time with one another….so sweet of Claudio’s parents to always be so willing to watch Alex! Of course they are so fortunate to have his company, at the same time! I am certain he keeps them well entertained, to say the least!
    Beautiful pics of a wonderful event! Nice birthday present, also!

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