Almost 3


On one of the warmest days of summer, just as the temperature was nearing 30 degrees (86 F), Alex decided it was the perfect time to be a polar bear. He grabbed his thick Halloween costume that’s now two sizes too small and proceeded to stuff himself in it until he made it fit. When asked why he wanted to wear it on this particular day, he replied, “I be bear today, Mommy.” And because some days you simply have to pick your battles, I let him.


He zipped up the fleece-lined costume up to his neck and danced in front of our floor length mirror to the toot of his own horn.


I couldn’t do anything but smile and hope that he’d come to his senses when he started to feel warm. Although I must have known better that he’s much too stubborn to let something like a bit of sweat get in the way. In the dead heat of the summer, my son was a polar bear, in one of the warmest of costumes that went only to mid-calf. Now I brace myself for our newest adventure – the age of three!


As a side note: I’ve since tucked this costume away in a new hiding place he won’t be finding anytime soon. 😉


4 thoughts on “Almost 3

  1. Patty McHugh

    He reminds me of you, Steph…imagine that…especially with his strong will and determination!
    The picture of him staring down at the zipper, could definitely win a contest!
    Thank you for capturing these moments, and sharing them with each of us!! 🙂 Alex will enjoy seeing exactly what he was like, when he is grown up!! 🙂
    Love to each of you!!!
    Love always,

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