The Big 3-0


On August 3, Claudio celebrated his 30th birthday. It was a Friday, so he still went to work, but got off a little earlier so we could spend time together. We made reservations at In Der Ey, a restaurant not even two minutes (walking distance) from our apartment that we hadn’t tried yet. The food ended up being really good, but I was even more excited for the server to bring out the cake I had brought earlier in the day. Claudio was so surprised, it was just perfect!


Little Munchkin was being silly and didn’t want his picture taken.


We went back home to where Alex and I had decorated, and wrapped a few presents for the birthday boy.



I gave him silly presents first, which included a new cover for the ironing board (haha! he’s happens to be the only one that irons in our family) and a few everyday essentials like shampoo and hair gel. Then just when he thought he had unwrapped everything, I told him to take one more look in the box under the tissue paper and he pulled out tickets for a Summer Days Festival in Arbon for the 25th of August. He loved it!

The following day we celebrated with his friends and family at his parents’ house. Pictures from that will be in the next post!


3 thoughts on “The Big 3-0

  1. So, your little boy doesnt want you to take his photo! not sure if it’s especially this stage, coz my little one is acting the same thing. They are quite the same age, no! Always turned away from the camera. Otherwise, you are so lucky that the Big 3-0 guy is the only one who iron!! 🙂

  2. Patty McHugh

    Very nice birthday celebration for a special person that turned 30! We wish you much happiness, Claudio! We love you, and your family, more than words can say! Thanks for sharing this wonderful event with us, Steph! You are so great at capturing such magnificent photos!
    Love, Mom and Dad

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