1st of August

A lesson I learned from the day: An easy way to spot foreigners on Switzerland’s independence day is to pick out who’s wearing red. Needless to say, Alex and I wore red. Where was our memo?

We enjoyed the day with Claudio’s parents and sister. When we arrived, no one was wearing red and white, and I was told they don’t consider themselves very patriotic. Half a second later, out came a long string of Swiss flags, red candles with white crosses, lanterns, place-mats, and napkins. You name it and you better believe it had a flag on it. 😉

We enjoyed a delicious barbecue in the garden and enjoyed a firework performance by the whole family.


The muffin man was sneaking a treat and trying to look innocent.



After dinner, the table bomb was lit. Alex’s reaction was priceless.




Alex alternated between saying the fireworks were “finished” or they were “taking break” after each firework/sparkler.



Snuggle bugs Alex and Martina


Happy 721 years, Switzerland.


4 thoughts on “1st of August

  1. Joan Lee

    I did the math – 1291. Such a fun celebration. Enjoyed seeing the dining table and the side of the house with the lights on and Rene and Ruth and Martina. Stephanie, I so look forward to your blog and enjoy your life vicariously. Love,

  2. Patty McHugh

    Looks like a nice celebration for Switzerland’s Independence Day!! The expression on Alex’s face for the table bomb is priceless, as you wrote! Nice to see such wonderful pics of Claudio’s sweet family! Alex really enjoys the time he spends with each of them! I’m certain that Martina really enjoys Mr. Alex, and vice versa!! They look so sweet, together!! He looks a little hesitant, when the fireworks were being set off….a very good sign! Glad you could all enjoy one another’s company on this special occasion!
    Love always,

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