Summer Happenings

We started off the summer with a few trips to the pool in June. Alex is quite the fish now! He uses the puddle jumper swim vest that my mom sent last year and insists on wearing his beaver floatie around his waist too. He looks something like this on most sunny warm days:


One time we went, we took a break from the kids pool and watched a game of polo kayaking in the big pool. Alex was really impressed!


Toward the end of May we visited a park about an hour’s drive from us, called Wildpark Roggenhausen. It’s a huge park with many animals and beautiful wooded trails. They also have a restaurant and rides at one end of the path.


Alex enjoyed the animals, but his favorite thing to do was make his little friend smile.


He also had a ton of fun racing on these little cars.


I started a new endeavor by becoming an Usborne Book Organizer. I’m on to my third party and really enjoy it thus far. My reason for starting was to add to my ever growing collection of books for Alex. I don’t think there’s anything better than sharing the joy of reading with children.


Thanks for staying tuned, despite the long break in between posts. A 4th of July post will be coming up soon! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Summer Happenings

  1. Patty McHugh

    Alex looks like he adds “tons of fun” into every activity! He is a sweetheart that is loved by everyone fortunate enough to meet him! Thanks for taking the time to share these special moments, so we can all enjoy his “love of life attitude”! Love to the three of you!!! XO XO XO!!!

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