2 and a half

Dear Alex,

You turned two and a half just a few short weeks ago (okay, more like a month ago)! I’m trying to figure out where the time goes because I very clearly remember you turning two, but now you’re already half a year older. Let’s slow down just a bit, okay? You continue to surprise me each day with what you know, what you say, and everything you can do.

Two and a half is all about:

Having fun! You’re always up for an adventure!

Staring (esp. at older children)

Being independent stubborn. You insist on doing everything your own way, no matter how difficult.

Climbing to the highest point of every playground. You scare your mommy half to death, but you find every play area a challenge that must be conquered (side note: you usually wear more clothing while doing so, this was just one of those days where you got completely soaked in a water fountain).

Current Favorites:
Books– “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?.” You know it by heart! You love pointing at all the animals on the last page and calling each by name. We read this book every single day for an entire month. All other book suggestions got an offended response, “NO! Bear Book.”
Fruit– berries (raspberries), stawbies (strawberries), and apes (grapes).
Food – Pasta with red sauce and pizza = definitely an Italian at heart.
Activity – Playing outside. You love it so much that you dread coming back indoors. I either have to bribe you, or let you bring a piece of nature back inside (ex: a rock or pine cone).
Shoes – Rain boots on sunny days and sandals on rainy days.

More about you at this age:
-Around others you’re very shy, which is funny for me to see because I know how crazy you can be at home with us!
-You’ve been using the big potty consistently for the past month and a half! YIPEE! You still wear night time diapers, but you’re great about taking them off first thing in the morning.
-You love washing your hands.
-You have days where you speak to me only in a high pitched tone. I love those days 😉
-You combine English and Swiss German words, which makes us smile. (Schoggit = Chocolate + Schoggi)
-You also make German words into English words langsam (‘slowly’ in German) suddenly became ‘lump sum’. Please don’t take after your mommy and papa by going into the Accounting/Finance field. 😉
-You think it’s funny to call things by the wrong name, for example, calling a cat a dog, or saying something is green when it’s really yellow.
-You love getting a piggy back ride, but even more so when it’s called a “donkey ride”.
-When reading “There was an Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly,” you can’t wait to be tickled at the part where I read about the spider that “wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her”
-You’re still very fascinated by trains, both the real ones and your play ones. You proudly announce at the train station when a train is coming.
-When it comes to eating, you insist on having the same as mommy and papa, such as having Parmesan cheese sprinkled over your pasta.
-You always want to bring both a ball and skoosh (skooter) when we go outside. It becomes a juggling act for your mama when she has to carry everything home.
-You love balloons! Every time you see one you get so excited and just can’t wait to play with it.
-When you see a candle or cake, you immediately start singing “Happy Birthday” to whoever is near you.
-Your ask about Papa all throughout the day, even though you know he’s at work for ‘monies’
-You love singing! I love hearing songs you make up from every day words we use.

My sweet big boy, we’re so extremely proud of you for all of your advancements. On top of all those things, you have such a big heart and always smother us with many hugs and kisses. I live for those hugs and kisses. It’s so exciting to see how much you change month by month and watching your little personality bloom. We’re so happy to have you in our lives. Happy half birthday!


P.S. I recently read this article about two and a half year olds. It seems to fit you to a “T”!


3 thoughts on “2 and a half

  1. Kathy

    You paint the picture so well. thanks for all the lovely details of what he says and what he likes. Love to all of you.

  2. Patty McHugh

    Thanks for giving so many details of the many ways Mr. Alex makes you laugh…by telling us the characteristics, and silliness, of his personality! We miss each of you, so much, but truly appreciate all of the time, and effort you place in your writings, and pics of your lives in Switzerland! We will be so thrilled just to see you, when you guys come for a visit! Thanks for all of the everyday things you share with us…the ways Mr. Alex makes you laugh, each and every day of his life! He is quite the entertainer! I could not imagine you and Claudio, without this little spark in your lives!!! He has added so much joy, in a short time, to many lives! Thank you for sharing him with all of us!!!

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