Mother’s Day


My boys were so sweet on Mother’s Day weekend. Saturday evening Claudio took me to one of my very favorite musicals, Grease, performed by a travelling troupe from Germany. They were absolutely fantastic! Sunday morning I was able to have one of my big wishes granted.. to sleep in (a whole extra hour and a half). It was pure bliss! Then I was treated to a delicious breakfast with fresh croissants, butter bread, strawberry jelly, cheese, fruit and mango juice. Claudio wrote me an adorable card and Alex colored me a picture, alongside a big bouquet of flowers and chocolates.


If you couldn’t tell, it’s a picture of “fish eating carrots” as Alex explained and was signed by my “Diaper-free, pasta and donkey loving fun son.”


I hope all moms reading this had a wonderful Mother’s Day! You all work so hard!


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Patty McHugh

    WOW…you were treated like ROYALTY!! Can’t wait to see how Alex treats Claudio for Father’s Day! Everything looks delicious on your Mother’s Day menu! The card is so sweetly written, and signed so honestly, by Mr. Alex! Glad you were allowed to “sleep in”…always the best present ever!!! 🙂 Love to each of you!!!

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