Paris Recommendations

I’m usually not one to give recommendations, but I thought I’d share a few things that really made our stay just that much more enjoyable while in Paris.

The Louvre Rivoli Hotel Paris is a fantastic if you want to stay somewhere very reasonably priced, with friendly staff, modern rooms, and in close proximity to the Louvre (7 minutes walk). It’s right on the metro line and in a quiet location due to being on a little one-way street. We loved this hotel! Side note – I’d say skip the morning breakfast (it isn’t complimentary anyways) and head to a little cafe instead – there are tons just around the corner.

Metro App
It really helped to download an application, such as KEMTRO for the iPhone. It only costs $1 and doesn’t need an internet connection. It helped us tremendously to be able to see where the nearest Metro stations were and to know the connection we needed to ensure we were heading in the right direction. The Metro station itself can seem like a maze, and it can be extremely confusing while walking through a foreign city, so it’s great to have a bit of guidance without incurring any additional roaming fees.

Purchasing Tickets Online
Before heading to Paris, we purchased tickets for the Louvre. It eliminated standing in line completely, which saved us at least an hour. The Louvre website can be found here. The same would have held true for the Eiffel Tower, except one elevator wasn’t working during the time we were there, so tickets weren’t available to be purchased ahead of time (under normal circumstances it is entirely possible to purchase in advance). The website can be found here.

Le Salon des Vedettes serves the BEST food at the most reasonable prices esp. for being located right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. I highly recommend ordering the salmon. This is one restaurant you cannot miss out on! As a side note, I’d say don’t spend too much time investigating which restaurants are the best to go to. We ended up finding a few great ones just by luck, including Le Salon des Vedettes. I recommend this one though since it’s very easy to find.

Those are just a few little tips that came in handy during our stay. I hope it helps someone at some point in time.


3 thoughts on “Paris Recommendations

  1. Patty McHugh

    Have you ever thought about becoming a travel agent, Steph?? I think you would do GREAT AT THAT…even as a part-time venture! Or, you could write an article for a travel magazine about the various places you have visited, and suggested recommendations! Great job, Missy! Love you, Mom

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