Sprucing up the place

After a few trips to Ikea in March, followed by several hours days of assembling furniture, I’m ready to show off our home improvements.

I’ll start with the living room / eating quarter. We are very pleased with our new white wooden chairs and colorful cushions. We previously had plastic fold-up chairs as a temporary back-up, which became our regular dining chairs for past 2 years. Yikes! I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am to have sturdy chairs that don’t creak.


Next to the table, we placed Alex’s small red table and chair set (which used to be in his room). He eats there from time to time, but still seems to prefer the high chair. Although when he has a friend over, he loves sitting at his little table.


Claudio’s favorite upgrade for our apartment is the TV in the living room. We previously had a TV roughly the size of a laptop screen, so it was quite a change.


Next up are the bedrooms. In Alex’s room, we added a storage unit with 4 bins and 2 small drawers. I’m happy to have a place to store my craft supplies, while not within reach of the Little Mister. I let Claudio have the bottom two boxes for that reason. 😉


In our bedroom, we bought a wardrobe and a mirror for over the dresser.


The wardrobe is great as it’s very tall, yet we can still fit 3 big bins above it.


And there you have it, our ‘new’ and improved apartment. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sprucing up the place

  1. Patty McHugh

    Looks very neat and organized, Steph and Claudio! You wisely use your living area! Sometimes it is hard to make certain that everything will fit in the space intended…looks like your ideas were well-planned!
    Love you three! Hope you are having a wonderful time in Paris! Talk to you, soon!
    Love always,

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