Miniature Golf

We took Alex mini golfing for the first time last weekend. The weather forecast showed it would be rainy and cold (as it had been on and off the past two weeks), so we decided to try something new and fun, indoors. Claudio thought we should get there as early as possible to avoid the mad rush of people. We ended up getting there at 11 am – not exactly the earliest time – and the “mad rush” turned out to be one other family and a group of 3 men playing competitively (yes, competitively).

We started with a bit of instruction on how to hold the putter. Alex didn’t like that very much.

He preferred… Swinging the putter with one hand, while keeping the other warm and toasty in his sleeve.

Frustration set in after a while of trying to get the ball to go in the right direction, so he resorted to picking up the ball and bringing it to the hole.

He then dropped the putter and headed on his own personal-led safari.

After a bit of encouragement, he joined us again, but this time decided he’d try to make the game a bit more tricky by being an obstacle for us. This was his favorite thing to do.



Towards the end of the game, he started running around with the putter up in the air – as if it were a lacrosse stick. No pictures of that, thankfully.

He stopped for a second to smile for a picture


Hole #17

At the final hole, he gave in and smiled.

Happiness was short-lived however as he saw that the ball wasn’t coming back. Here’s his “uh oh – what exactly just happened!?” face.



3 thoughts on “Miniature Golf

  1. Patty McHugh

    What a completely different experience playing putt-putt, with a 2 year old! Mr. Alex has shown you many new aspects of everyday life! Thank you for sharing this interesting experience! We can certainly get a vivid idea of what you saw, first-hand!
    Love you three, and hope each of you are well! Take care, as we look forward to hearing about your next adventure with your munchkin!


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