Easter Sunday

Easter morning began with a surprise as we looked out the window and saw a sky filled with snow flurries. We added an extra layer to our pre-picked Easter outfits and went on our way to mass. Towards the evening, we had C’s parents over for an early dinner and Alex provided hours of entertainment.

Now for the pictures…

My bunny cake – made entirely from scratch (including the frosting). I was quite proud of the finished product!


Little Mister didn’t actually see his basket until after he ate lunch to prevent any power struggles wars from breaking out.


Alex and Claudio were thrilled that I wanted to take a dozen pictures up on the alter (can you sense my sarcasm?).


Look at that head tilt! Such a little poser!


Easter wouldn’t be the same without getting a picture with these 3 wearing bunny ears / an Easter bonnet.


I love this picture of C’s dad!! He was pretending to be rowing a gondola with that hat on.

Two stories from the day:
Funny one: While C’s parents were over, they hid a present for Alex in the living room and afterwards played the “hot” or “cold” game until we found it. While we were “hunting” for it, Alex found a chocolate egg under the sofa which was dropped earlier and thought that was what we were looking for. He proudly lifted up the piece of “schoggat” – the mixed language version of chocolate (obviously in English) and schoggi (in Swiss German) – and gave us all a good laugh.

Symbolic one: We arrived a few minutes late for mass, and since Easter mass is always packed, it wasn’t a big surprise that the church ran out of hymnals on the trolleys. Just as I was walking up to check, I was greeted by an usher that always says hi to Alex and gives him a religious coloring page. He saw that I was looking for a hymnal and instead of just letting me walk away empty-handed, he reached into the pocket of his suit and handed me his hymnal. I thought this was such a selfless act and really embodies the true meaning of Easter.

I hope your Easter was filled with much happiness, love, and joy. It is such a wonderful day to celebrate!


6 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. Kathy

    Easter was very nice – weather was great for outdoors. Yours sounds like lots of fun. Thanks to you and the picturees for the really fun pictures and story. Love you all!

  2. Joan Lee

    Stephanie, I always love your blog entries. The was indeed spectacular and great we can save it in photos. My favorite remard was “playing hot and cold” with Alex’s search; that “hot and cold’ just makes me laugh even to think about playing it. Kathy’s almost to the end of her tax grind, Tuesday. Now it’s baseball season for her. Love to all, Joan

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I’m glad you got a good laugh from the “hot and cold” game. 🙂 We’ve been thinking of Kathy during the deadline for taxes. Hope she’s able to relax now. We love you both!

  3. Patty McHugh

    Easter looks like it was a FUN event for each of you! Alex always seems to add some spice to life! Your bunny cake looks amazing, to say the least! You should have thought to sell some at church….ha ha…as if you have time to make several of them…it appears to be very time-consuming! The pictures on the altar are very nice…glad you insisted on having those taken…beautiful church, in addition to your family!
    Yes, we had a very nice Easter, also! I was definitely thinking about you when we were playing our endless game of football! Some of the crazy ones, like myself, really got into the game….I hope the grass stains came out of Peter’s suit! Wish you could have been there, but know you had a wonderful time with your family, and Claudio’s parents! I know Alex has added so much pleasure to his family’s lives! We know he is the main one whom cheers up Claudio’s grandma, Alice! Keep up the GREAT WORK, MR. ALEX! WE LOVE EACH OF YOU!!!
    Mom/ Grandma Q

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