Regaining normalcy

It has been a while since my last post. I took a break from the blog while we were getting back on track after Alex’s surgery. Alex is doing great. His incision has healed over nicely and he’s back to his normal routine. I’ve noticed that he’s been a bit more irritable the past few weeks, but thankfully only in the morning (and this has no correlation to the surgery). He is a grumpy little man until I hand him his strawberry yogurt bright and early in the morning. I’m starting to think he’s just not a morning person. I wish he’d sleep in a little more if that were the case. I’ve been joking that I should take him to the pediatrician, but there’s no remedy or prescription for a case of the “terrible two’s”.


We’ve been enjoying many beautiful Spring days lately. The weather even topped off at 70 degrees this week. It’s been wonderful enjoying sunny warm days outside where all we need to bring is a light sweater. We’ve also been working on a few Easter activities, which (so far) has included: making Easter cards, coloring Easter-themed pages and decorating a chocolate bunny at Migros.


The past few weeks I’ve been determined to de-clutter and organize our apartment. I started by going through clothes (both mine and Alex’s) and putting them in bags to donate. I loaded up the stroller and we went to our local drop off box to donate the clothes. Alex had to find another mode of transportation since his stroller was completely loaded.


To aid in organizing, we bought a few essential pieces from Ikea. First, a tall storage unit for Alex’s room, and second, a wardrobe for our bedroom. Ikea is our best friend (at least until we get home and realize something is missing from the box… like door knobs!). The past two weekends we’ve spent a little too much time in our local Ikea. I’m not quite sure if it’s a blessing or a curse to have an Ikea so close to our apartment, as we tend to walk in for 1 or 2 items, and walk out with so much that we need to rent a van to bring it all home.


And last but definitely not least, I made it in my German class! Over two years of living here and I’m finally learning the language (well, high German that is, not Swiss.. that’s another story in it’s entirety). I’ve been to class a total of 4 weeks and love it thus far. It’s a great assortment of students from Asia, Europe, and Africa. I happen to be the only one from the Americas, but many understand English. The teacher is from Holland. She does a great job of making sure everyone understands what she’s saying by using a combination of drawings on the board, gestures, and flash cards. She really loves teaching German, and you get a sense of that the second you step foot in class. I’m always excited to see what the next class with bring. So far we’ve learned the proper pronunciation for the alphabet, greetings based on the time of day, introductory questions and responses, verbs in present tense, and the basic structure of sentences. I go to class twice a week (Tues. & Fri.) and luckily it worked out for Alex to be in daycare during those hours.


I guess that’s all for now. =) Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Regaining normalcy

  1. Patty McHugh

    I love Alex’s facial expressions!! He is quite a character, isn’t he??? Sounds like you guys have been BUSY, to say the least!! Great to get yourself organized! We ALL need to do a little of that! Glad things are going well with Alex, since his surgery! Also, glad you like your class so much! It is always helpful to have an energetic teacher! Learning is so much easier when you have someone so inspired to make the class interesting! Love to the three of you!!!
    Mom/Grandma Q

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