Snow Day

Two days ago we woke up to this beautiful wintry sight

After breakfast, Alex and I got dressed, grabbed the sled, and headed outside. The little man had an absolute BALL being pulled around in the sled. Since the sidewalks and pathways were covered in snow, I could easily pull him all the way to our local park, where there’s a small hill perfect for sledding.


After being outside for almost two hours, I was exhausted, but Alex was still going at full speed. The only way I could get him to come inside was with a bribe for hot chocolate (in his favorite mug).


I loved how cautious he was about taking the first sip.


It was so nice to have a warm drink in our hands and warm slippers on our feet.


I’m glad we went out to enjoy the snow because as of today, it has almost completed disappeared.


4 thoughts on “Snow Day

    1. Yes! The change in weather has been so drastic. It’s a bit sad to see the snow fade away so quickly, but I’m very glad we were able to enjoy one day outside with it last week! I’m using a Nikon D5100.

  1. Patty McHugh

    We are finally getting a little snow here, tonight – at least in Virginia! It is supposed to get up to almost 50 degrees, tomorrow, so I will have to go out early, to try to go sledding for a bit. I think we only got 2 inches at most. The ones I spoke to in Md, have not seen any snow, yet. I believe it is supposed to miss the Washington, D.C. area.
    I am certain that Alex had a ball out in the snow with you! He is cute drinking his hot chocolate…very smart in being so cautious, too!
    Love to each of you,
    Mom/ Grandma Q

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