A prized possession

I promised Alex that as soon as he recovered from his viral infection that I’d take him out for lunch. The day finally arrived and I decided we’d go out for a pizza at a restaurant we haven’t been to before. I told him the morning of and he seriously wouldn’t stop talking about pizza until we finally got there. We sat down at a table and were luckily only one of three tables in the restaurant. I ordered a pizza and side salad, and asked for a high chair. The server was very friendly and quickly brought our food from the kitchen. The pizza was delicious and Alex devoured almost half of it. After paying, the server told us to wait a minute as he had something to give us. He came back out to give Alex a baseball cap with the name “Pizza Blitz” embroidered on the front, and for me, a metal pizza cutter. I told him how much we appreciated his kind gesture and he told us to enjoy our stay in Zurich and that these can be our souvenirs from the city. Little did he know that we have lived in Zurich for the past 2 years! haha

The ball cap was the best surprise Alex could have ever received. He put it on the second the server handed it to him and wouldn’t take it off for anything in the world. He even demanded to wear it to bed that night. The next morning he was still infatuated……

He insisted on wearing it outside too. Many people smiled as they walked by and jokingly asked if he worked as a pizza delivery boy.

Notice how he wears it on top of his warm winter hat. This boy is too much! Moral of the story: it doesn’t hurt to be a tourist in your “own” country. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A prized possession

  1. Patty McHugh

    Sounds like a friendly place to go and eat at! I hope Alex stays healthy enough to go through with his surgery. He is definitely in our thoughts and prayers! We have been lighting candles at church for him, also! We will continue our prayers, even after the surgery is over, since this is still a critical time for him, also! We love you little buddy!
    Love always,
    Grandma and Grandpa Q

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