Celebrating the whole week long

Family and friends have been so incredibly sweet and thoughtful to send cards, gifts, and flowers for my birthday. It has been exciting for both me and Alex to find a new surprise in the mailbox each day.

One of my very favorites were pictures drawn by my “little” cousins. I’m not sure if I can actually call them little anymore, since a few are already in (or almost in) their teenage years. But either way, here are the sweet pictures that now decorate our apartment.

To end the week, we celebrated one more birthday.. This time it was a little friend’s 2nd birthday!

A certain someone couldn’t wait to try a piece of the Swedish princess cake.

Alex has heard the “happy birthday” song so many times in the past week that he now knows it by heart and will gladly sing it at any/every opportunity he gets! Are you ready for a serenade?


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