A day to remember

The last thing you would want on your birthday is to be sick. I went to bed early the night before, with high hopes of feeling alive and well on my birthday, but it seems another plan was in store for me. Alex woke up bright and early at 6 am to be the absolute first to wish me “happy day” (his way of saying happy birthday), then demanded breakfast be served. We survived the morning, I remember falling asleep for a split-second on the sofa, only to be awakened by a toy train being hurled at my head. We managed to get out of pajamas in time to meet Claudio’s mom for lunch.

We ate the most wonderful meal at this Asian restaurant. The food was spicy and delicious.

Yummy dessert, beautifully wrapped presents, and pink roses

Alex helped both of us polish off our ice cream

By the end of our meal, both of our noses were running and eyes watering from the spicy food. I still was not feeling well, so C’s mom suggested we go to the pharmacy. I told her I had been looking for Vick’s vabor rub, or something similar to help me breathe. She said they have exactly that here in Switzerland and off we went. In the pharmacy, the girl behind the counter quickly found a Vick’s inhaler and asked if that was what I wanted. I was excited to see something I was actually familiar with in the pharmacy and not a foreign name (like Dafalgan for Tylenol). Meanwhile, C’s mom was saying to me, “Oh what a wonderful present I am giving for your birthday,” and we couldn’t stop laughing. The girl behind the counter had no idea what was going on, which made it even more comical. This one very special present saved the day…

After saying goodbye, Alex and I went home to take a nap (how exciting are we!?) before meeting Claudio a little later for dinner.

Here’s how the rest of the evening looked:

Dessert was finished in 2 seconds flat with this crazy monkey at our table

It was definitely a birthday I won’t forget!


5 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. Kathy

    Being sick on your birthday is the worst. I was on my 18th – all I wanted to do was sleep. My roommate at school in NY was nice enough to throw me a party but I just couldn’t appreciate it. I kept sneaking into the bedroom to go back to sleep. Hopefully it will be your only sick bday. TG for Ruth!

  2. Patty McHugh

    Sorry you were so sick, and tired, on your birthday! Glad you made the best of it by enjoying wonderful meals with Ruth, Claudio, and Alex! Super happy you found some Vic’s vapor inhaler over there! If I had known you needed some, I would have mailed some to you…since you didn’t know that the stores over there carried it.
    Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, Sweetheart! You were in our thoughts and prayers, as always… but, especially on your special day!
    We love you!
    Love always,
    Mom, Dad and your USA family!

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