An Update

The past few weeks have been filled with many ups and downs. Alex was recently diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition in which there’s a build-up of fluid in the brain. We’ve been in and out of the Children’s Hospital in Zurich for appointments, a MRI, and consultation with the doctors. We’re optimistic about treatment options and feel very fortunate that it was detected early. I will write more in detail about his condition in a separate post.

Other (more happy) updates:

Alex used the potty for the first time on Jan. 14 and has been consistently using it in the mornings when he first wakes up and in the evenings before bath time. I’m sure he’ll love when I show his future girlfriend this picture…

On Jan. 11 I had an interview for a German class that would begin the end of February if I end up in the class, but won’t find out for another week or so. Fingers are crossed that I get in!

Jan. 23 marked two years of us living in Zurich! I’ve been jotting down interesting/funny/surprising facts about Switzerland to share on here and will have that up soon.

We celebrated two birthdays.. starting with my birthday on the 25th

followed by a sweet little friend’s birthday on the 28th

More to come very soon!


4 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Joan Lee

    Thanks for the update. Good luck with the German class and with Alex’s medical exploits. It can’t be easy but we’re confident all will be well. Love to all of you.

  2. Patty McHugh

    Thanks for the information, Steph! Best wishes in getting in your German class…maybe you will remember things you were taught in preschool- ha ha! Hey, you never know! That is when you really retain things! It would be a huge help to know German over there. I’m certain, if you get into the class, you will do well!
    Good luck with the potty training! Looks like Alex is very comfortable sitting there, reading his book! I think he will do well!
    Beautiful card next to those flowers! Looks like a hand-made card. Whom is it from? It is so unique!
    Each of you remain in our thoughts and prayers, as Alex’s surgery gradually approaches! I am sure that God will watch over each of you, and the surgeon performing the surgery.
    We love you, more than words can say!
    Talk to you, soon!
    Love always,

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