Music Together!

For Alex’s 2nd birthday we asked family & friends to contribute towards a Music Together course. I’m so glad we took the class because Alex had an absolute ball during the weekly 45 minute sessions. The instructor was so enthusiastic and great with the kids. She kept them engaged by bringing out an assortment of instruments, large colorful parachutes and stretchy bands to find the rhythm of the music. Each song had either a specific movement or instrument to go along with it, which made it very interactive and fun for both the moms and kids.

We discovered that this boy sure loves music!! I love that he feels so happy and free to do whichever move his heart desires.

During the last class in December, I was able to get a short clip of Alex dancing to “Jingle Bells.”

I laugh every single time I watch that clip. He was the only child dancing around in circles.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed towards his music class!


3 thoughts on “Music Together!

  1. Patty McHugh

    Alex really stood out amongst all of the other kids! Glad he does feel so free to do his “own thing!” Thanks for sharing this with each of us! He is a cutie pie!
    Love you,

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