Amazing Talent

I’m so excited to share two incredibly talented artists with you.

I’ll begin with Melissa Turner (aka Missy). She has been painting for 20+ years and has a great eye for detail. Back in August she ran a promotion through her Facebook page for a free custom portrait. I surprisingly won and was asked to send one of my favorite pictures of the person of choice (Alex), which would then be re-created on wood masonite. She was thoughtful enough to email a picture of the portrait before sending it by post, which was perfect because I was anxious to see how it turned out. I was thrilled with the end product! I will let the picture speak for itself, but I am so proud to have this hanging on my wall. Missy did a fantastic job and deserves all the praise in the world. I get a compliment on the portrait nearly every time someone steps foot in our living room.

The oil painting

The original picture

I still can’t believe how perfectly she captured every little feature. This is something I will always treasure. To see more of Missy’s work, you can visit her website here, or her Etsy shop

The next contest I was SO lucky to win was for a custom silhouette. I am a huge fan of silhouettes, as they are very classy and never go out of style. Little did I know that an amazing artist was going to create one for me. Lindsey from OutofAlabaster sent an email saying I had won and requested a few pictures of the little man. Exactly three weeks later, she sent the digital copy of the silhouette she created. I adore it! I’m excited to find creative ways to display it.

A few words from the artist herself:

Hi! My name is Lindsey, and I share my life, loves, and handiwork in my little corner of the blog-o-verse OutofAlabaster. When I’m not chasing around my speed-crawling daughter, Selah, I am busy creating silhouettes for my Esty shop!

I feel honored to create each portrait, and get special sense of satisfaction knowing they will be treasured for years to come. I cherish the sneak peak at God’s creation as I outline every perfectly crafted feature. Silhouettes showcase the little double-chins, adorable button noses, stately foreheads, and gorgeous curls, so that you can remember them forever. Out Of Alabaster silhouettes are classic heirlooms with modern twist, and have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Babble, and Prudent Baby. Hop on over to the shop and take look, I’d love to create portrait for you 🙂

And now, the silhouette of Alex:

I love that Lindsey paid such close detail to not only the facial features, but also the hair and shape of Alex’s head. It’s perfect!


3 thoughts on “Amazing Talent

  1. It’s a beautiful painting, i wish i could have such a great talent, i guess it’s hidden somewhere in me where i can’t find it. i took a self portrait classes during my teens, but i didn’t pursue that as there were so many other teens things to do!! shame shame shame!!

  2. Patty McHugh

    The oil painting, and silhouette are both amazing to me. The oil painting looks like it took a long time to create! The artist did a fabulous job! It is so nice for people with these special talents, to use them so wisely! Thanks for sharing these with all of us!

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