Sledding on Mt. Rigi

Alex and I made a trip up Mt. Rigi (2 hrs 10 min) by train last Thursday. We had a rail tour pass that was expiring on the 31st and I really wanted to use the pass to go up a snowy mountain. We went from Zurich to Goldau (#1 on the map below) up the cogwheel train to #2 Rigi Kulm. From pictures online, I thought this would be the perfect place to start. As it turns out, we reached the top of the mountain and literally couldn’t see a foot in front of us. It was snowing and the clouds surrounding us were incredibly thick. People walking in front of us disappeared after a few meters. There’s not much other than a hotel and restaurant at the top (from what we could see), so we sat down in the self-serve restaurant, had a warm vegetable soup and thought about what our next move would be. I received what turned out to be wonderful advice from a girl renting sleds. She said we could go down two stations (from the opposite side we came up) and would find a great place for children to go sledding. I’m very glad I took her advice, because as we ended up at this lower station (# 3 on the map) the thick cloud had lifted and we were instead in a beautiful mountain village, complete with a ski school, chateaus, and many paths for walking/sledding, not to mention incredible look-out points.

My goal was to do a bit of sledding before exploring this little village. So I asked which direction the “bunny slopes” were and we were on our way. We made it down one hill alright, but afterward saw a steep drop-off point at what would have been our next “hill.” Turns out the Swiss and I have different interpretations of what a bunny (beginner’s) slope should be. Instead of taking the risk, I pulled Alex back up the hill and pulled him in the sled while we explored the village. The pathways were entirely full of snow, so it was ideal for pulling the sled. Alex LOVED being in there! He thought it was especially funny when I hopped on the back of his sled when we came around a downward path.

He also enjoyed pulling the sled himself.

Deep snow!

Breath-taking views

I was in awe over the beautiful surroundings that God created for us to enjoy!

Heading back


5 thoughts on “Sledding on Mt. Rigi

  1. Patty McHugh

    Like you told me earlier today…ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SCENERY!!!! Thank you for sharing these pics, and the story of your adventure, with all of us! Glad you made it back to your home, safely!
    By the way, it was great talking to you, Claudio, and Alex, earlier today! Love to each of you!
    Love always,
    Mom ( Grandma Q )

  2. Patty McHugh

    Alex did look like he was having a blast on that mountain, especially in that sled!! Glad you could get someone to take a picture of the two of you, also!!

  3. Joan Lee

    Stephanie, these photos blew me away! They look professional. I don’t even which 3 or 4 I like the best. Can you imagine how years from now you will enjoy these and the wonderful memories they will recall. Keep up the good work, and happy new year. Kathy and I are going to Panama City FL next week for a few days to visit my best friend from high school. Trying to get in a quick vacation before fax season is here. My love to all, Joan

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