First Christmas in Switzerland

Christmas is by far the best time of year and I love celebrating with my family in the U.S. There are no words to describe the great feeling of being surrounded by people you love, enjoying delicious food and dessert, and the chaos that inevitably happens alongside presents being unwrapped by 20+ cousins/second cousins in the same room.

This year, we did things a little differently. We spent Christmas here in Switzerland with Claudio’s family (his mom, dad, sister and grandmother). Instead of chaos, everything was neatly timed and organized. We opened presents with scissors and were careful with unwrapping paper only at the taped seams. We lit real candles on the tree (which was the biggest shock for me) and we sang Christmas songs alongside Claudio’s mom playing the flute. I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy Christmas as much as I would at home, but instead it was a very special Christmas. I can’t compare how one family celebrates to the other because it’s different in its entirety, but I loved the calmness associated with this Christmas. I loved the big smiles and words of gratitude after each family member unwrapped a gift. Everything seemed so new and different, but that’s what made it interesting and fun.

And now for pictures (I apologize in advance, there are a ton as usual):

Mass on Christmas Eve

Nativity Play – Alex and I sat in the front to get a better view. At one point he was so engrossed in the play, that he actually joined them on the altar. Maybe not the best idea to sit in the front row afterall!

Stockings were hung from the TV stand with care

Christmas Day

Mound of presents for Alex (many of which were sent in a package from my mom & U.S. family)

For Claudio & I

Grouchy little man eating yogurt

At C’s parents house

Adorable ornaments by C’s mom

Little gopher

Martina (C’s sister) and Alex

Playing an intense game (take a close look at C’s face for a good laugh)

The Swiss tried pumpkin pie for the first time and liked it!

Lighting the tree

Christmas carols

Presents time

Already playing with new toys!

Group shot (except for C’s dad taking the picture)

It was a wonderful, wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “First Christmas in Switzerland

  1. Patty McHugh

    Great display of pics to let us know extremely well, what Christmas in Switzerland was like for you, this year! It does look much more calm, with individualized attention! I love the terrific group picture at the end of the display, especially with Alex acting like his silly self! I’m sure he had everyone laughing most of the day!!! The hand-made ornaments, and delicately-wrapped gifts, added a special touch! The lit candles on the tree are most likely a tradition from many years, ago…very neat to see! It sounded like the singing, and music played, added enjoyment to the occasion! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

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