First Time Ice Skating!

We took Alex ice skating for the first time November 27 (the day after we celebrated Thanksgiving). At first he was a bit skeptical about his strap-on skates, but he decided to make the best of it, and try them out on the ice. He first found his balance, then attempted walking, with chunks of ice flying from his skates each time he took a step. He then realized that Daddy is a good skater and can easily glide him around on the ice.

We enjoyed skating around a tall Christmas tree placed in the middle of the rink

Alex enjoyed taking a short break to eat a snack and to give his little legs a break. (He seems to have mastered a fake smile)

On his second attempt, Alex used a wooden polar bear to help him on the ice. For the first 10 minutes he thought it was a real animal and wouldn’t touch it. He finally warmed up to the bear after seeing me skate around with it. I think this was Alex’s favorite part since it gave him a bit of independence. He did a great job holding on, but his focus was on everything but where he was going!

It was a great day for ice skating!

We came home with a very proud (and tired) little ice skater =)


6 thoughts on “First Time Ice Skating!

  1. Patty McHugh

    It appears to me that everyone had a good time on the ice! Alex did a great job! I think the polar bears are a terrific idea! The two bladed skates were even popular when I was a kid. I think it was only Maria and Marian that got them, though, since I was a little older when I first started skating. Skating is such an enjoyable hobby. Glad you introduced it to Alex at a young age. I’m sure it is very popular in Switzerland, esp. The outdoor rink looks huge, and looks so nice with the Christmas tree in the center. Thanks for sharing these pics, and story, with all of us!
    Love you,
    Mom/Grandma Q

  2. we just went up to Leysin yesterday for ice-skating, well, only Marisa did. it’s the course that she takes, 2nd year now. it amazing to see her development each time. and i definitely like that strap-on skates Alex has. it takes so much time to tight up those laces!!!

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