Pumpkin Pickin’

The season of autumn wouldn’t be the same without bringing home a pumpkin. We took our annual trip last weekend to the Jucker farm to see the pumpkin exhibitions, enjoy a yummy lunch and find the perfect pumpkin. Last year the farm had exhibitions of dinosaurs, but this year they had a more traditional display with exhibitions of the Matterhorn, Wilhelm Tell, characters from Swiss children’s stories, and a Swiss chalet.

The exhibitions were all made from real tree wood!

We then came upon a huge pumpkin. From a distance you couldn’t even tell something was different about this particular pumpkin, but close-up you could see the amount of detail put into carving faces on each side.

Chalet filled with two familiar faces in the window

Alex wanted to try out his hiking skills, so with the help of Daddy he climbed to the tippy top of the haystack tower.

He eventually worked up the courage to go through the tunnel at the bottom of the haystack and was very proud of himself afterwards.

We loved taking in the scenery

And hunting for a pumpkin!

Found one! (I love his hands in this picture)

And for our journey back, we were glad we brought the stroller.

Two days later we carved the pumpkin into a friendly jack-o-lantern. :O)


5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pickin’

  1. Patty McHugh

    Great pics of your adventure! Looks like it was a nice day, also! Glad you had a good time! Thanks for sharing these with us!
    Love you,

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