Alex loves trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine, which made it fairly simple to pick a costume. Since trick-or-treating isn’t common in Switzerland, we opted for our church’s Coffee Sunday where the kids dressed up and enjoyed treats.

At one point, the kids were asked to line up against a white wall to be judged for the best costume from each age group. I urged Alex to line up with the rest of the kids, but he somehow wouldn’t let go of my leg. He was scared and at first I couldn’t figure out why. Then I looked around at the other kids and noticed the problem. Alex was scared of different masks he was seeing. He was looking at each mask very critically and nervously trying to figure out if it was a “real face” or not.

Once outside, Alex seemed to feel more comfortable being able to freely run around…

that is until he saw a mask

Thomas the Train made it clear that you don’t need a mask to make many different faces:

Love this silly boy!


3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Christine

    Alex was such a cute Thomas the Train. I love the cute faces he makes. Bless his heart…the masked figure even scares me. 😉

  2. Patty McHugh

    Poor Alex with those crazy masks around him. Kinda reminds me of the witches’ mask he saw in Walmart! I hope he has not seen that mask at home!
    Yes, he does make a cute Thomas the Tank! I love all of his various, darling facial expressions. He is a cutie pie!
    We will have to get on skype, on the weekends! Love you guys!

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