3 weeks, 6 states & 3 events

We returned last Thursday from 3 action-packed weeks in the U.S.!

We started in Colonial Beach, Virginia – the location for Tiffany and Adam’s wedding. Tiffany has been one of my best friends since high school and I felt honored to be a bridesmaid in her beautiful wedding. The day was perfect – sunny and warm, with a clear blue sky. After the ceremony, pictures were taken on the beach and pier, followed by a buffet-style lunch, music, dancing and cake. Alex most enjoyed the reception where he could let loose on the dance floor with his latest moves.

A few from the professional photographer:

The next day we headed to the Virginia State Fair. I don’t ever remember seeing such an enormous fair in my life! We knew it was really going to be something when we were directed to park in a designated lot, caught a shuttle to the event and were handed maps upon arrival. The agricultural area was most impressive with its large white tents filled with what seemed to be every species of each animal. One tent was filled just with bunnies that flew in from all over the U.S. and had every color fur pattern imaginable. Alex loved petting them, but he didn’t seem to notice much difference as he called each of them a “hee haw.” : )

The following week we visited friends and family, starting off with an afternoon together with Alex’s God parents.

We were very excited to meet the two newest babies in the family, Ryan and Matthew, as well as spend time with their beautiful mommy and grandma. Alex simply couldn’t resist giving Ryan and Matthew a bunch of hugs and kisses!

To end the week on a high note, Alex learned a few piano keys with his Great Great Aunt Joanne!

On October 15, Alex celebrated his 2nd birthday at Chuck E Cheese with many of aunts, uncles and cousins.

We went with Maria’s family that same weekend to a pumpkin patch where Alex enjoyed a hay ride sitting next to his big cousins and picking perfect pumpkins (which he proudly calls bumpkins).

We saw a wonderful performance at the Kennedy Center of Les Miserables with my Aunt Kathy and Joan while Grandma watched Alex.

And finally, during the last leg of our trip we spent 3 days in Clinton, Iowa for my graduation from Ashford University. We attended a meet-and-greet the day before the ceremony and got a very detailed tour of the campus. The history of the school was quite interesting as it converted from an all girls Catholic boarding school to a private Catholic college and finally to Ashford in 1918. Ashford currently has 952 students on campus and over 80,000 online.

The day before graduation

I was so happy to walk across the stage on graduation day and have Claudio, Alex and my mom in the audience. 2,000 online graduates attended the ceremony and the guest speaker was Vernice Armour, the first female African American fighter pilot.

The little munchkin who slept through the whole ceremony:

On our flight back to D.C. from Moline, IL we had a layover in Detroit. It was a fun place to stop as the airport was so modern and sparkling clean (even met Swiss approval by Claudio).

The last few days we went shopping, visited my Aunt and Uncle in Centreville and saw my cousins at school one last time before catching our plane back to Zurich.

We had a wonderful (crazy-busy) but very enjoyable visit!


3 thoughts on “3 weeks, 6 states & 3 events

  1. Kathy

    Wow – great job capturing your whole trip. Congratulations on your graduation, on your ever maturing son and on building such a good life – like you say – in America and in Switzerland. Love you all,

  2. Congrats the newly graduated. i still remember that great feeling on the stage in front of thousands of audiences. and sounds like you had a busy holidays back there, with all the photos. welcome back!

  3. Patty McHugh

    Great job capturing all of the sites of your busy 3 week trip to the USA! You did a great job remembering the details of your graduation day, especially mentioning the fabulous guest speaker we were so privileged to have met! Everyone enjoyed your visit, and look forward to your return. Christine’s family will enjoy your next visit, also! I’m sorry they were sick on the weekend of Alex’s birthday party. Thanks for sharing all of this with us!
    Love you three!

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