Alex turned 2 last Friday! I still can’t believe he’s already a whole year older. This past year has been exciting as he learned so many things. He went from babbling baby talk to saying words we understand, from eating mushy baby food to solids, from walking on wobbly feet to running on steady feet, from stacking only one block on top of the other to building a whole tower. One thing that has remained the same is his strong-will; when that boy gets his mind set on something, there is no stopping him. Nevertheless, he loves with his whole heart and generously gives kisses by the dozen.

Happy 2nd Birthday Alex!
1 of 2 candles were blown out by the birthday boy. I’d say that’s pretty good for a little guy with jet lag! He definitely did better than me as I forgot to set a timer for the cake and the edges (as seen in the picture) were burnt to a crisp. haha!


5 thoughts on “2-years-old

  1. Patty McHugh

    What a great picture of the birthday boy! I am surprised you even had the energy to make a cake! By the way, it looks delicious, as far as I am concerned! Thanks for sharing this with all of us! He is a cutie pie! And, what you said about those kisses is definitely true! He is VERY GENEROUS WITH HIS KISSES!! I was so fortunate to have been on the receiving end many times…thank you Mr. Alex! I miss your kisses!!
    Love you,

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