Random Acts of Kindness

Alex and I went shopping recently in Coop City, a department store on Bahnhofstrasse. Somewhere along the way, Alex’s sneaker fell off – whether he kicked it off or it simply dropped off, I’m not quite sure. I actually didn’t even notice it was missing until I peaked in the stroller and caught a glimpse of his feet. However, it didn’t matter much anyways because less than a minute after realizing, a man came running up (shoe in hand). He explained that he was searching the store for “a little boy with a missing shoe.” I was utterly amazed at his determination and kindness.

Second Story:
After a long day out, Alex and I were waiting to catch the bus home. Alex was getting antsy that he had to sit still for a whopping 2 minutes. Fortunately, a sweet old Italian man spotted us. He pulled a package out of his bag and proceeded over to our bench. He ended up having a box of cookies and asked if it was alright to give Alex one. I of course said yes and he also offered one to me as well. I thought it was so nice that he went out of his way to cheer Alex up.

It’s so refreshing to have people look out for one another. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the terrible events that take place in society today. However, there are also many people doing great things for others which should also be taken into account.

Have you had a random act of kindness happen to you lately?


9 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Patty McHugh

    Thanks for sharing this, Steph! Yes, you do not hear about these random acts of kindness, very often, so it is nice to mention them, when they happen! Sweet people really do exist!
    Love you,
    Mom and Dad

  2. About a month ago, I placed an order at Taco Bell, and they handed me my items, and I drove off. Well, one item was missing, so the lady who works there came running down the sidewalk waving and yelling for me to pull over. She could have easily thought, “No Biggie” and went about her business. But she went way out of her way to bring my an .89 cent item. It made a big difference for me, because then each person in my van was able to have something to eat. I thought wow, here is someone who probably makes minimum wage, and yet she acted as if each customer was so important. She taught me a lot that day!

    1. Stephanie McHugh

      What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing it! That was extremely kind of the lady to go out of her way to make sure you got the very last item!

  3. There really are good people out there. I wish it was easier to remember the kindnesses and not the negative encounters.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day:) It’s always lovely to see a fellow American enjoying Swiss life!

  4. It is amazing how refreshing it can be when people actually take the time to care about something other than themselves…in our world today, it seems like it is often a rare thing…so it is always nice to hear about kindness from strangers.

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