Reminiscing Over Family Summer Fun

Barbecues and pool days are two of my summer-time favorites.

Thanks to the beautiful weather we’ve had lately, we’ve been able to enjoy both of them (at least) one last time before the season is over.

As a recap, Alex is a little fish in the water! He loves to jump in from the side of the pool, kick his legs (as if he’s trying to swim) and splash everyone/anyone in sight. He also loves playing alongside the water with his toys.

We’ve had many delicious barbecues this summer, thanks to our small portable grill. This past Monday we enjoyed our time outdoors until the sun went down and had a great dinner.

Now, we’re looking forward to trying new recipes for warm meals, as well as sticking with a few of our favorites such as chicken noodle soup.

Goodbye summer, hello fall!


One thought on “Reminiscing Over Family Summer Fun

  1. Patty McHugh

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Steph! Sounds like you had many times to enjoy the outdoors, this summer! The food looks delicious! Alex looks darling, as always!
    Mom and Dad

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