Storytime at the Bookstore

Our local English bookstore, Orell Fuessli has an hour of storytime the first Saturday of each month. We went for the first time this past weekend and BOY was it an eventful experience! The turnout was great; about 20 children and their parents. The kid’s corner was nicely arranged with bean bag chairs and pillows. The man telling the story was also great – very lively and entertaining.

Alex however was the least bit interested in the story. Instead, he was more interested in digging in a box behind the storyteller. Embarassingly enough, he kept bringing me items out of the box – which were supposed to be kept for after the story was over. Out came markers, paper to color on and cookies. At one point, I think the kids were paying more attention to Alex than the storyteller. I had to call him over to stop distracting the other children, although no one really seemed to mind.

Then once Alex was sitting down again, a bean bag chair suddenly exploded open and millions of tiny little beans went everywhere. The storyteller told the children not to worry about it, that he would clean up afterwards and they should just enjoy the story. Well, the children had a completely different agenda. They were so excited to see these little white beans that they took off their shoes and pretended to be at the beach. Another child had the idea to throw the beans up in the air and many others joined in. At one point it looked as though it was snowing!

Kids gathered around the open bean bag chair – more and more were taking off their shoes and stomping on the little beans. It was getting out of control to the point where the storyteller couldn’t focus anymore, so he had to stop the story and grab the vaccum. The kids chimed in with helping and it was all cleaned up before the blink of an eye. We sat down to finish hearing the story, then colored a picture, ate a few cookies and headed home. Needless to say, we can’t wait for the next storytelling hour!


5 thoughts on “Storytime at the Bookstore

  1. Patty McHugh

    That entire story telling episode sounded HILARIOUS, to say the least!! I would have not been able to stop LAUGHING, once the tiny little beans were being stomped on, and thrown up into the air, as if it were snowing! Like Kathy said, this made a story of it’s own!! I hope you got a picture of it snowing in that room!!!!!!!!!!!! People would pay to see something like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess Mr. Alex decided to challenge the story teller with all of his activity.. regarding the items in the box! It is AMAZING to me how people can continue on, until total chaos happens!
    Thanks for sharing the laughter of this event, with all of us!!!
    Love you,

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