Kathy and Joan in Switzerland!

Last week we spent 4 fantastic days with my relatives in Zurich. I had been counting down the days for so long that it truly felt like a dream when they were finally here.

We started the week off in the city – walking down Bahnhofstrasse, getting a sandwich by the lake, walking through Chinagarten and up to our church, St. Anton.

Tuesday we met at the Landesmuseum (Switzerland’s History Museum), walked through Old Town to see the “Priest’s Church,” Fraumunster, Grossmunster and St. Peter’s Tower. Afterwards we took a boat ride down the Limmat.

Wednesday we had a local day in Albisrieden where we visited Bachwiesen (animal park), Uetliberg (house mountain), followed by dinner at Claudio’s parents house.

Thursday we visited the Rheinfall (Europe’s largest waterfall), as well as the English bookstore in Zurich and had dinner at a well-known vegeterian restaurant, Hiltl.

We had an absolutely wonderful time together. It was the warmest week of the summer, but by far the best! Thanks to Kathy and Joan for being the highlight of our summer!


8 thoughts on “Kathy and Joan in Switzerland!

  1. Patty McHugh

    Amazing explanation and pictures, from the time you spent with Kathy and Joan! They had a wonderful time with the three of you, and Claudio’s warm family! Thank you for going out of your way to make their visit so enjoyable! The pictures of the places you guys visited, together, are beautiful! I enjoyed so many of the pics with family in them! Thank you for taking the time to do all of this, Steph! You are so organized beyond words!
    Love you, sweetie, and your beautiful family!

  2. funny to read something similar to what just happened to me last week : ) my friend visited us for 4 days as well. The Rhein Fall looks very beautiful, are those places mentioned here popular places in Zurich? Coz when my friend ask about Zurich, i dont have any clue…

    1. I know! I was thinking the same thing when I read your most recent blog post! Yes, all of the places I mentioned are in Zurich, except for the Rhein Fall which is in Schaffhausen. You should come visit once!

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