First Tear-Free Haircut

Alex’s second haircut was much more successful than the first. The first consisted of a little boy who wouldn’t sit still, followed by screams of terror the mili-second the scissors came close to his head, and uneven hair as the finished product. Now I know it’s not an easy task to go to the hairdresser with a toddler, but Alex’s second haircut proved that it’s not an impossible task.

Last Monday at 9 a.m. Alex and I had an appointment at Tablo, a hair cuttery in the city. The hairdresser was so interactive from the minute we arrived – he let Alex push the button to turn on the electric clippers, he gave Alex a brush to hold and he stopped cutting Alex’s hair the second he sensed Alex was upset. The hairdresser always found something to distract Alex from his uneasy feelings of a complete stranger working on his hair. We ended up being there for almost an hour, but it was so much fun, Alex and I wouldn’t have minded staying all day! haha

Once Alex’s haircut was complete, the hairdresser spiked it with a big glob of gel and said that he was ready for a disco. I told the hairdresser we will be back again for his next haircut since it was our first successful tear-free appointment. Kudos to this great hairdresser!

Here’s how it looked from start to finish:

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*Did you notice how he went from a cute little toddler to a grown child in only a short matter of time?


3 thoughts on “First Tear-Free Haircut

  1. it’s just amazing how this hairstyle can make such a big difference, from a sweet toddler to a young cool little boy. i’m waiting for the time my girl has more hair, then we talk about going to a hairdresser…

  2. Patty McHugh

    Alex, and the hairdresser, both did a great job! Thanks for sharing these before, during and after photos with us!
    Love you,

  3. deeonuh

    Sounds like an awesome hairdresser! And I must say, Alex is looking pretty snazzy with his new ‘do ;).

    Great blog. And looking forward to future posts on the little guy 🙂

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