Meal Time = Messiest Time

That’s how it usually looks during feeding time in our barn yard.

We place newspapers under Alex’s high chair to make clean-up a little easier (it’s almost like we have a puppy), but the majority of the mess ends up in his hair, in between his chunky fingers and smeared all over his tray. When Alex is done, he throws his bowl and laughs.

This little puppy definitely needs some training!

**Countdown: Only 3 days left until we see Kathy and Joan! woohoo!


7 thoughts on “Meal Time = Messiest Time

    1. Alex will eat anything with tomato sauce on it! haha I almost always have to give him a bath after dinner. It’s unbelievable how messy he gets, but it makes for a fun picture. =)

  1. Patty McHugh

    What a cute picture of the messy eater, Mr. Alex! I think most kids make some form of a mess when they eat. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Love you,

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