Claudio’s Birthday

It has been one celebration after the next around here lately!

Claudio turned 29 on Aug. 3rd and we celebrated by going out to dinner at Desperado’s, a delicious Spanish restaurant in the city. Shortly after we arrived, Alex was already antsy from having to sit in his high chair – which for a toddler, anything over 2 minutes qualifies as too long to sit still – so our server gave him a tour of the restaurant’s kitchen while we were waiting for our food. Alex was thrilled to see what was going on behind the scenes!

The fun thing about Desperado’s is that many people go for their birthdays since they get a free meal + dessert – anything that is free in Switzerland is a rarity, so people jump on that offer! On this day alone, three other tables happened to also be celebrating birthdays! But anyways, after we finished the main meal, they brought out desserts and “table bombs” (which explode into a bunch of fun birthday surprises). The restaurant switched off the lights off, turned a silly birthday song on and brought out the goodies. To see video footage, click here.

Afterwards, we headed home to our apartment, where I had decorated the living room and made Claudio a chocolate cake. We sang happy birthday and Alex blew out the candles. =) Claudio unwrapped his gifts and we called it a night.

Now we’re looking forward to our next celebration… Our first family visit from Kathy and Joan!! The countdown is on! Only 17 days left!

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5 thoughts on “Claudio’s Birthday

  1. Patty McHugh

    WOW, what a birthday celebration! All of the cards that were made are so sweet, and beautiful! The decorations are extremely colorful, and very festive looking! Steph, you and Alex did a FANTASTIC JOB in creating all of this for Claudio! We know how much you appreciate all that Claudio does for the two of you, also. Thank you for making Claudio’s birthday so special for him… he had sent me a text message, letting me know how nice his birthday was!
    It looks like you guys had a blast at the restaurant, also! Alex certainly got some special treatment being taken around to see the restaurant behind the scenes! That was very nice of them to do this for Alex!
    Thanks for sharing all of this with each of us!
    Love always,

  2. I love the cards you made, Steph! You are so creative! That is great that Claudio got a free meal. They are getting a little more stingy about handing those out in the states, as well.

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