Celebrating Switzerland’s 720th Year

Yesterday was Switzerland’s independence day! Zurich was covered in red flags with white crosses. The grocery stores sold red napkins, red fireworks, toothpicks with Swiss flags attached, and even hard-boiled eggs painted red with white crosses.

I set down the camera and joined my boys for a day of playing tag in the park, throwing the frisbee, barbecuing and enjoying yummy cakes. We bought a few fireworks, but forgot to shoot them off since Alex went to bed before it was even dark outside. =) In the evening Claudio and I saw a couple of great fireworks from our balcony (set off by neighbors).

It was a fun, relaxing day!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Switzerland’s 720th Year

  1. Patty McHugh

    Sounds like all of you enjoyed Switzerland’s Independence Day! I’m glad you put the camera down, for a change, so you could enjoy the activities! The cookies look delicious, as I am sure the other food items, and decorations did, also! Love to each of you! Love, Mom/Grandma Q

  2. Thanks Mom and Christine! Those were actually little cakes, even though it doesn’t really look like it from the angle of the picture, but they were delicious. =)

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