Little couple

Two weeks ago our local park Bachwiesen celebrated its 50th anniversary of being in the same location. Everyone who lives in close proximity to the park was invited to the event. They had a BBQ, band, carousel, clown and games. We invited Stina and her family to join us since we figured the little ones would have fun together.

As soon as we arrived, Alex began entertaining everyone (in particular the people from our local senior center) by dancing around in circles to the music playing from the folk band. Serafina and Alex rode on a carousel together and it was incredibly sweet to watch them. They looked like a little old couple sitting in the “fire department” truck. They were concentrating so intensely on the steering wheel, but also took turns looking up to see who they could spot. Somehow they even managed to look in the same direction at the same time. Neither wanted to get off the carousel, so they ended up going for a few rounds. I was dizzy after the first round, so we took turns “chaperoning.” =)

It was a lovely day and afterwards Claudio made a scrumptious dinner of spaghetti with a cream based sauce and salmon. The little ones took a quick bath and we enjoyed a yummy dinner before saying goodbye.

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2 thoughts on “Little couple

  1. Patty McHugh

    The little couple look so sweet, together! Thank you for sharing this post with all of us! Looks like everyone there, was having a great time, while the little couple entertained everyone! They are so precious together! Glad they have each other to hang out with! Alex must be quite a dancer, too!
    Love to each of you!
    Love always,
    Mom/Grandma Q

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