Hidden Treasures

Alex loves to leave “little surprises” throughout the apartment for me to find. I open my drawer to pick out an outfit for the day and . . .


There’s a blue remote-controlled car staring back at me.

I go to do laundry and . . .


I find pairs upon pairs of Claudio’s clean socks in the dirty clothes hamper.

Even more exciting is how I must always check our front-loading washer before I put clothes in, since Alex loves to use it as his own personal storage unit. I’ve found wooden spoons, house keys, watches and “little people” figurines inside (of course I’m very glad to find the surprises before I actually do a load). One time a bouncy ball managed to go through both a washing and drying load!

In our kitchen, Alex has claimed a drawer as solely his. If I’m looking for something – for instance the measuring cups – I will check his pull-out drawer which contains a wide assortment of treasures. Otherwise, I head straight for the washer.

I haven’t always been so lucky (or patient) in finding these hidden treasures, especially when Alex discovers new hiding spots. For over a month I was searching everywhere for my American cell phone. I was so determined to find it that I practically turned the whole house upside down. I moved furniture, checked with a flashlight in small, dark crevices and even dug through the trash in search of it. As it turned out, I unexpectedly found it in a cart I occasionally use to get groceries with. Alex plays with the cart from time to time, but I never thought he could reach high enough to put something in it.

Needless to say, everyday is like a scavenger hunt. Alex definitely keeps us on our toes and laughing.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Patty McHugh

    Alex is something else, to say the least!! He definitely keeps you guys, busy, and laughing/searching a lot!! Keep up the good work in enjoying every second with him! Like you said, previously, kids grow up too fast!!
    Love to each of you!

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