Happy Father’s Day. . .

To Alex’s best buddy, Daddy!

Alex loves and admires his daddy with his whole heart. Whether they’re cooking together in the kitchen, playing in the sandbox at the park, or just acting silly at home… these two are inseparable!

Pictures are worth a million words (so I will let them do their own justice).

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4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day. . .

  1. Christine

    Oh, this is so sweet! Alex and Claudio’s relationship is so precious! These pictures are amazing, Steph! I really love the ones of Alex and Claudio near the water; the perspective is amazing! It definitely looks like a professional shot. I think it is so precious that Alex loves helping his Daddy cook! Alex is blessed to have such a loving father.

  2. Patty McHugh

    Thank you for sharing these pictures, and words with us, Steph! I always knew that Claudio would make a great daddy, and these pictures prove all of that! Ever since Alex was just a baby, Claudio has always done his part as a father. When Alex was a baby, and Claudio wanted to give Steph a break, or a chance to get some school work done, Claudio was always been willing to take Alex for a walk, no matter how tired he was, etc. Keep up the great work, Claudio! You set a great example to the other fathers in this world! I’m so glad that you and Alex have such a close relationship! Kids need parents that will support them through the good times and bad! If they learn to trust their parents, they will never be afraid to discuss anything with them. This is so important as the years go on! Thank you for all that you do for our darling Alex, whom we love and miss, dearly!
    Love always,
    Mom/ Grandma Q

    1. Thanks Mom for sharing your thoughts about Claudio as a father. He definitely does a great job and you can see it by the look on Alex’s face when they’re spending time together.

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