Alex and the water

*Side note: I couldn’t resist putting up this picture with Alex’s ridiculously cute belly hanging out. =)

Yesterday we spent our first day at the pool. Alex wore his “puddle jumper” swim vest for the first time and received so many compliments about how funny/cute he looked. He happens to be much more comfortable in the water this year as opposed to last. The water was a bit chilly, but he didn’t seem to mind. We spent the majority of our time in the baby pool, which has a small fountain, a slide and several umbrellas to help protect kids from the sun. Alex’s favorite part of the baby pool was the slide and he clearly let me know that he wanted to go down all by himself – that was until he got a mouth full of water.

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Alex also spent a good portion of time watching kids play on inflatable rafts, as well as seeing how to press for the outdoor showers. It’s always funny to see what he finds amusing. One section of the “big kid” pool is similar to a beach where the water gradually get deeper the further you go in. Alex enjoyed being able to splash his feet in the shallow water. He also loved jumping in from the side of the pool. He must have done it about 80 times, until my arms were practically numb. He was having so much fun and laughing so hard – I would have done it all day long.

Now that we know how much fun it is, we look forward to more sunny pool days.


3 thoughts on “Alex and the water

  1. Christine

    Steph, Alex is so stinkin adorable. I love that cute belly! You always take him on such fun adventures. You are an awesome mama! Love to you, Alex and Claudio! Love,

  2. Patty McHugh

    Great pictures of Mr. Alex enjoying the water!! He certainly looks cool, in his water gear! That hat looks like it will really protect him from the sun! It is so much fun to see him to happy in the water! Glad he likes it so much!!
    Thanks for sharing these pics with all of us! It truly means more than words can say, since we can’t see you guys in person, very often. I know that will hopefully change, one day. I know you are enjoying your time in Switzerland, and I am happy that Claudio’s family can enjoy the three of you, especially their first grandson! I know that Alex and Alice have grown very close, also! Give everyone our best! Hope to see you in the near future!
    Mom/ Grandma Q

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