Handyman at your service!

Alex thoroughly enjoys being included in all of our “home projects.” He gets extremely excited the second the toolbox makes a debut from the hallway closet. Since neither Claudio or I are “fix-it” people (unless fixing things with duct tape counts), we hope Alex will be the handyman of the family.

We recently assembled a small red table with 2 wooden chairs for Alex’s room. Alex assigned himself the job of making sure all the bolts were tightly in place. He did this by taking a small screw driver to each and every bolt he could find. Alex was extremely precise, detail-oriented and took his “job” very seriously. He would only release a tool from his hand once the task was 100% complete.

If you ever have a home project or need a repair made, just call Alex up! He happily works for cookies, hugs and bike rides!


One thought on “Handyman at your service!

  1. Patty McHugh

    This is so sweet! Alex looks so serious about his “job as handyman”! It is very helpful for a little one to take such an interest in putting things together with tools…something you seem to have to do your entire life! I like his serious, and thorough attitude…great qualities for any job position! Keep up the great work, Mr. Alex! We love you!
    Love your family and friends in Md and Va!!

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