A little slice of heaven

In May we took a trip to Lake Brienz, otherwise known as Brienzersee, which is situated just North of the Alps in the canton of Bern. By car, it took only an hour and a half to get to this gorgeous place. The water of Brienzersee was a crystal clear blue and the surrounding scenery was simply breath-taking. The landscaping seemed to be so meticulously planned and well-kept. The day was warm with a gentle cool breeze – ideal for taking a long walk and discovering what the quaint little town had to offer. Almost as soon as we parked the car, Claudio and Alex found a giant soccer-patterned beach ball which kept them busy 50% of the time. =) While they were kicking the ball back and forth, I stopped at the main dock to watch the “Jungfrau” tourist boat take off.

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As we continued our walk, we came upon water games, several playgrounds and a life-size chess set. Running alongside the lake was a small train for kids – which Alex ended up riding 4 times! I was pleasantly surprised at how child-friendly the whole area seemed to be. We stopped for lunch in a cute little restaurant overlooking the water, which of course was followed by a stop in an ice cream shop. It was a lovely, serene place to go and I’m sure we will be back to visit the “little slice of heaven.”


2 thoughts on “A little slice of heaven

  1. Patty McHugh

    Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous scenery! Glad you got the opportunity to visit a “little slice of heaven”! It truly looks amazing, and great that it is only 1 1/2 hours from you! Glad you are taking the time to enjoy so much of Switzerland, while you are there! Love to each of you!!!
    Mom/ Grandma Q

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